Holland Company For trade - Alfa solo

We are an Egyptian company specializing in the production and purification of agricultural crops and exported to many Arab and European countries since 1995, with high quality and competitive prices

Our "Alfasolo" brand is a guarantee for first class qualities at competitive prices combined with first Class service


Over 20 years, we have been export various commodities. From agricultural Crops, Grains, pluses  and onions to seeds, herbs and spices

Our flexibilty ensures, that YOU not only get the BEST qualities IN TIME, but also priced FAVOURABLY

The date of the establishment of our company in 1995

The spices and herbs items can be packaged from 1 g to 25 kg

The grains and olives items can be packaged from 500g to 25 kg

All items Bulk and packaged  

FOOD SAFETY, traceability and environment is very important to YOU, as well for us.

These are our main concerns when we deliver YOU our high level of standards set for the food industry.

Reliable sources and frequent testing are the keys for a successful long-term cooperation